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Strengthened Communities through Health Creation: a transformation programme for Primary Care Networks

The Health Creation Alliance is offering a transformation programme to support PCNs that want to change how they work with communities and local partners so that they can address health inequalities well in their neighbourhoods in the long-term. It is designed for leaders and practitioners working at any level in general practice as well as commissioners and others involved in their emerging Primary Care Network. We can offer this to individual PCNs or multiple PCNs within the same Integrated Care System (ICS) . This povides a route to fast-track development of the PCNs in their areas towards truly place-based organisations addressing health inequalities and population health in a connected, rounded and sustainable way.

A two page overview of the programme can be downloaded here.

If you would like to talk further about the programme, please contact: Neil McGregor-Paterson                                                    Email:    Phone: 0777 136 1783

Action learning for Integrated Care Systems

For more information on this action learning, contact Peter Hay.                                                                                                                                              Email:      

Place-based communities of learning

For more information on placed based learning, contact Neil McGregor-Paterson.                                                                                                                    Email:   Phone:  0777 136 1783     

Health Creation Diagnostic

For more information on identifying your strengths, gaps and learning opportunities, contact Merron Simpson.                                                                     Email:  Phone: 0797 349 8603


If you have tried our power-shifting tools but want to go further, contact Merron Simpson.                                                                                                      Email:  Phone:  0797 349 8603

Do you have a bespoke Health Creation learning requirement? Contact Neil McGregor-Paterson for a no obligation chat 
 Email:    Phone: 0777 136 1783

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