Discovery Learning Programmes

Primary Care Networks ‘Strengthening Communities’ programme

Strengthened communities for PCNs [download

Action learning for Integrated Care Systems

For more information on this action learning, contact Peter Hay.                                                                                                                                              Email:      

Place-based communities of learning

For more information on placed based learning, contact Neil McGregor-Paterson.                                                                                                                    Email:  Phone:  0777 136 1783     

Health Creation Diagnostic

For more information on identifying your strengths, gaps and learning opportunities, contact Merron Simpson.                                                                     Email:  Phone: 0797 349 8603


If you have tried our power-shifting tools but want to go further, contact Merron Simpson.                                                                                                      Email:  Phone:  0797 349 8603

Do you have a bespoke Health Creation learning requirement? Contact Neil McGregor-Paterson for a no obligation chat 
 Email:    Phone: 0777 136 1783

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