The Health Creation Alliance (THCA) is a Community Interest Company, limited by guarantee and regulated by the CIC Regulator. It is called The Health Creation Alliance C.I.C. Company number: 11536588. The directors are Durka Dougal (Chair), Merron Simpson (Chief Executive), Dr Brian Fisher, Peter Hay, Lynne Bowers, Neil McGregor-Paterson (Director of Communications) and Donna McLaughlin.

We aim to develop the democratic role of our active members, involving them more in decision-making.

Well-Led Governance Review of The Health Creation Alliance 

During the latter part of 2019 and through 2020, the Directors undertook a developmental review of leadership and governance of THCA. We adapted the eight Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOEs) in NHS Improvement’s ‘Well-Led Framework´ and applied them to our organisation. Here is short summary of our Well-Led Review [download]. We revisit this on an annual basis.

Register of interests

The Health Creation Alliance Directors are responsible for the governance, oversight, strategic direction and overall delivery of the activities of THCA.

To fulfil these obligations, Directors must have specialist knowledge, expertise and experience relevant to the work of THCA. It is assumed that Directors will apply their professional expertise and experience in relation to the matters of THCA; indeed, applying this expertise and experience is critical to enabling THCAto fulfil its purpose.

The register will ensure that these interests are transparent and that there can be no perception that the functions and activities of THCA are being unduly influenced by a Director’s other interests, or their specialist knowledge and expertise [download].

The register of interests (the register) does not preclude Directors from having other areas of interests

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