Health Creation: Coming of Age

Health Creation: Coming of Age was a week-long series of events attended by over 500 participants that explored why, and demonstrated how, Integrated Care Systems and their constituent parts should adopt and embed Health Creation as a way of working to reduce health inequalities, while recognising & celebrating progress being made across the UK.

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Coming of Age has featured in the National Health Executive.  

A big thank you to our media partners, National Health Executive and Public Sector Executive and to all our sponsors without whose support Health Creation: Coming of Age would not have been be possible.

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What outputs did Coming of Age deliver? Review our summary of outputs.

Sheffield GP Dr Ollie Hart shares his thoughts on Coming of Age

Session 6: Shifting the dial: health creating approaches to community mental health

Shifting the dial: health creating approaches to community mental health was held later than the first series of Coming of Age events while we found the right partner to deliver the event with. We are thankful to Rethink Mental Illness for their support and sponsorship of this event

Session one: An introduction to Health Creation

Session two: Embedding Health Creation across all levels of the system – community, neighbourhood, place, system

Session three: Health Creating Population Health Management; using community insight and assets to get it right

Session four: Health creating community spaces: what matters to communities?

Session five: Health Creation and Core20PLUS5

Session seven: Health Creating health by supporting broader social and economic development

Session eight:

Here are some of the images caught on the day.