Health Creation: Coming of Age

Health Creation: Coming of Age was a week-long series of events attended by over 500 participants that explored why, and demonstrated how, Integrated Care Systems and their constituent parts should adopt and embed Health Creation as a way of working to reduce health inequalities, while recognising & celebrating progress being made across the UK.

Learn more about what was considered through Coming of Age:

◦ Videos of sessions
◦ Presentations given
◦ Chat from event containing some rich contact and resources

A seven-page summary report on Health Creation: Coming of Age has featured in National Health Executive.

A big thank you to our media partners, National Health Executive and Public Sector Executive and to all our sponsors without whose support Health Creation: Coming of Age would not be possible.

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Session one: An introduction to Health Creation

Session two: Embedding Health Creation across all levels of the system – community, neighbourhood, place, system

Session three: Health Creating Population Health Management; using community insight and assets to get it right

Session four: Health creating community spaces: what matters to communities?

Session five: Health Creation and Core20PLUS5

Session seven: Health Creating health by supporting broader social and economic development

Session eight:

Here are some of the images caught on the day.