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Health Creation is a ‘relationships first’ way of approaching everything we do.

Everyone has a role in creating the conditions for communities to create health, whether they work in communities, at the frontline, at the neighbourhood, place or system levels.

  1. • Clinical conditions can be address more effectively through health creating practices.
  2. • Wider determinants can be addressed when neighbourhood teams collaborate and adopt health creating principles
  3. • National programmes can be much more impactful when health creation is embedded within them.
  4. • In every place, there are buildings, spaces and estate that can provide health creating environments.
  5. • Commissioners can learn to spot and commission health creating activity

The Health Creation Alliance has a unique approach to support transformation across Places and Systems. We have developed a range of approaches underpinned by our powerful framework for Health Creation that can be applied to different situations to support experiential learning at all levels. We draw on movement principles, on our own experience of making change happen and on our diverse and dedicated membership consisting of more than 1,750 individuals and organisations across the UK.

We offer support for the health, care and wider system workforce to bridge community, clinical and wider determinants of health and wellbeing to help improve health and wellbeing among communities that have the poorest outcomes. Whether you are working on a particular programme like Population Health Management, thinking about how to equip people in a particular role with skills, such as Health Equity Leads or thinking about how to grow and spread existing good practice within your system, we can support you to embed Health Creation into your approach.

Find out more about our Discovery Learning Programmes for the NHS here.

For more information about any of our programmes, or if you have a bespoke Health Creation learning requirement, please contact: neil@thehealthcreationalliance.org