The Health Creation Alliance is a Social Movement and our Members are our lifeblood. Whether you want to learn, …

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The Health Creation Alliance is a Social Movement and our Members are our lifeblood. Whether you want to learn, share, or influence national policy being a member means that you are joining with people that are addressing health inequalities through Health Creation.

If you would like to join a national movement of people and organisations addressing health inequalities, click here.

Many of our members are true ambassadors for Health Creation and they are the people who collectively make things happen. What gets done depends on their passions, know-how, skills and connections.

Examples of actions our Members are currently taking include:

  • – Informing The Health Creation Alliance direction and business plan

– Advice that keeps The Health Creation Alliance grounded in the realities of life for people and communities

– Collecting and providing evidence of the impact of Health Creation,alongside evaluation of what they are already doing

– Helping to find sources of funding to make specific The Health Creation Alliance activities possible

– Adopting health creating practices in their own work and feeding back the changes to us

– Helping us to develop a professional and well-led organisation

– Connecting us to key systems leaders so that together we can make a bigger impact in localities

– Providing high-quality thought leadership

If you would like to become a Member please click here

Keeping in touch and sharing best practice

Our quarterly membership newsletters keep everyone informed of our, and our members, activities. They are also ideal for forwarding to colleagues that are committed to addressing health inequalities.

Differing levels of member involvement

Membership is open

The forum is open to anyone interested in addressing health inequalities including:

  • – primary care, including general practice, community pharmacy, eye and hearing care, dentistry
  • – community trusts, mental health trusts and acute trusts
  • – physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and psychotherapy
  • – local authorities, including public health, housing, social care
  • – voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector
  • – fire service, police, education, housing associations, ALMOs
  • – community development, community groups and individuals
  • – healthcare enterprises
  • – commissioners

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