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How to shift power

Shifting power to people and communities’ is a conversation starter that was developed collectively through work led by New NHS Alliance for public service and community leaders in Greater Manchester. Produced with the support of the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership Person and Community Centred Approaches programme and Workforce Collaborative, it is a resource that can be used by all those working with local people and communities to realise a shift of power to them. This resource is accompanied by a set of cards, the ‘power shifting power deck’ that can be used to support learning of leaders within multi-disciplinary teams.

Shifting power to people and communities [download]

Power Shifting Card Deck [download]

Tools for Primary Care Networks (PCNs) to address health inequalities

Quick-start guide for PCNs [download]

Health Creation: How can Primary Care Networks succeed in reducing health inequalities? [download]

Steps that PCNs can take to address health inequalities [download] 

Building services to support people’s recovery journeys [download] 


Trojan Mice  – ‘How small changes in practice can lead to large, meaningful changes for people and communities’ 

Stoke –  ‘How one community found it’s mojo

How can PCNs be successful in reducing health inequalities –  video from workshop held in July 2019 [view]

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