Health Creation Alliance is a values-led organisation. We practice the five features of health creating practice in all our work.

Listening and responding. We make space and time to listen actively and genuinely, to question constructively, to assimilate what we hear and respond authentically, building trust with others as we do. We work hard to ‘hear’ what communities, stakeholders and our members are telling us so that we can continually improve and grow our movement’s impact.

Truth-telling. We welcome and celebrate candour at all levels. We are alive to the risk of ‘wilful blindness’ and we encourage others to shine a light on our blind spots. We provide opportunities for others to tell their truths and we respectfully challenge where necessary to uncover truths that are out of sight.

Strengths-focus. We appreciate the abundance of strength and assets held by our members, stakeholders and communities. Recognising we are interdependent we draw on the capability and capacity of others to help build, improve and shape our movement. We seek to match people’s skills to particular roles to strengthen the impact of our movement and unlock and develop our full potential.

Self-organising. We believe that people do their greatest work through networks rather than bounded organisations. We welcome people from all walks of life and provide opportunities to connect with others they don’t normally meet across professional sectors and hierarchies. We facilitate conversations drive meaningful change and transformation in systems, practices and in people’s lives

Power-shifting. We recognise that imbalances in power hold people back from living a full and healthy life (the social gradient is a proven factor in health inequalities). We find ways to equalise power and encourage others to do so – by building confidence either to assume power and take control or to give up power and enable others to take the lead. We believe the best outcomes are achieved when people are working as equal partners.

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