Voices for Change

Health Creation, powered by local people and enabled by professionals across all sectors, is happening all around us and is challenging traditional ways of doing things. Those actively engaged in creating health need a national voice through which to express, represent and champion their work at national level. People with lived experience of disadvantage need a platform to be heard, to influence policy, systems and practice.

Now is the time to share, and build on the work of those creating health, to raise the profile and status of Health Creation, supported by a proper Framework through which we can all learn to create the conditions for all people and places to thrive.

Informing national policy

The Health Creation Alliance creates and takes many opportunities to influence national policy, advising civil servants and politicians on important matters.

Here are just a few of our responses and submissions:

The Health Creation Alliance’s submission to NHS England and NHS Improvement on Core20Plus5. Download here.

The Health Creation Alliance response to NHS England and NHS Improvements consultation: ´Integrating care: next steps to building strong and effective integrated care systems across England´. Download here..

Letter to Danny Kruger MP: the role of community stakeholders in the government’s ‘levelling up’ agenda in the wake of COVID-19: Download here.

‘What is the government going to do next to reverse the worrying trend in health inequalities?’ Article published in The Times on 10 March 2020 by Merron Simpson and Brian Fisher: Download here.

Statement in response to Marmot Review – 10 years on: Download here.

Response to the PCN Contract DES Draft Service Specifications: Download here.

Manifesto for a New Government, Get Health Creation Done: Download here.

Submission to Prevention Green Paper: Download here.

"I Have a Voice"

People with lived experience of trauma, poverty and discrimination have spoken at our events for many years.

It is important for professionals working in formulating policy, designing systems and delivering frontline services, as well as politicians and decision-makers, to hear first hand the impact that their practices, actions and decisions have on people – and indeed whole communities – who are living, or have lived, these experiences. They need to be helped to shift and share power with people and communities so that services are designed and commissioned to involve people and communities and support Health Creation.

We continue to evolve our capacity to connect the voice of lived experience to people setting the policies and designing systems and services. We offer suitable roles within our projects and programmes and encourage people to lead by drawing on and communicating their experience and their ideas for change. We pass on payments we receive to them in recompense for their valuable time and expertise.

Current ‘I Have a Voice’ partners include Witton Lodge Community Association, C2 National Network, the Justice Network, Birmingham Mind Experts Group, Turning Point and Lisa Holder, founding member of the North Yorkshire Health Creation Network. 

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